Ukrainian festival of innovation projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2014"


Dear inventors, innovators, startups and investors recall that

On April 15, began the first phase of the third annual Ukrainian festival of innovation projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2014"

Contestn of Innovation Projects «Sikorsky Challenge» (hereinafter - the contest) is part of the All-Ukrainian festival of innovation projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2014"

The Contest aims to identify the best innovation of the national youth science and business community and stimulate innovative business processes andcommercialization of research. The deadline for submitting projects till 20.08.2014

The Contest includes four stages:

Stage 1. Submission of Projects

From 15.04.2014 until 20.08.2014 Competition, participants submit their projects for consideration by the Expert Council, by filling out the appropriate form on the contest site - .

Stage 2. Preselection

Applications that meet the conditions of the contest, submitted to the Expert Committee. From 20.08.2014 till 09.20.2014, the Expert Committee carried out a preliminary selection of projects for presentation in the finals of the competition.

Stage 3. Training

Finalists will be training in a number of design and presentation projects. Trainings will be held 25-26 September 2014 in the School of startups Sikorsky Challenge.

Stage 4. Final

Finals will be held on 10.15.2014 and 10.16.2014 year. The first day - the best projects presented to the members of the International Jury - leading experts. The second day of the finals - the finalists meeting with investors in the form BusinessBreakfast and agreements on investment.

In the final part of the participating business angels and venture capital representatives of charitable funds, among which are:

- Presidential Foundation Kuchma "Ukraine"

- Venture Foundation. VS Mikhalevich

- Venture capital Kalinin Invention Fund

Venture capital Sikorsky Challenge

Venture capital AVentures

Also, 10-13 October 2014 at the finalists awaiting consultation workshop.

For more information and to submit a project, please visit www.


Team Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic"

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Ukraine, 03056, Kyiv, ave. Victory 37, b. 6, of. 304