Three venture capital funds and incubator are started at KPI

New project Sikorsky Challenge, named after the famous inventor Igor Sikorsky, who studied in the KPI, were started at Kiev "Politechnic". The project includes a startup school, business incubator and three venture funds. Startup School is already running, the remaining units of the project will start in the near future.

One of the initiators of the Sikorsky Challenge is an Israeli investor and entrepreneur, the founder of the incubator Be Next IT Igor Peer. Igor is a co-founder of the business incubator, will share with startups knowledge and contacts. On the part of the CPI project handled by the Deputy Director General of the Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" Yaroslav Kologrivov (AIN.UA earlier published an interview with him).

Sikorsky Challenge incubator provides office for the participants, training programs, legal advice and investor relations. Depending on the level of development of the project incubator will receive a share of up to 20% in startup. In the first place, will be selected engineering projects with interesting technological solutions. Projects can be made as students and graduates of the university, as well as third-party owners.

Also, three venture capital funds were foundent - Sikorsky Challenge, Foundation. Michalevic and KALININ Invention Fund. Funds will invest private funds in their supervisory boards are graduates of the CPD and other IT-entrepreneurs. Dimensions funds have not been disclosed, but it is known that the Sikorsky Challenge has attracted UAH 3 million in private investment. In the future we plan to open and laboratory with modern equipment Sikorsky Lab, where they can work startups.

Feature of the project Sikorsky Challenge is that all of the above projects (school startups incubator funds) will work in conjunction. In other words, the project is accompanied and trained on all stages of formation - from the idea to the company:

1. Students, inventors, entrepreneurs are trained in a start-up school Sikorsky Challenge. In the first stage, students enrolled in the school for two months, in the second - three. Training takes place at the Institute of Postgraduate Education NTU "KPI", whose director is Inna Malyukova, one of the partners Sikorsky Challenge.
2. Members of the school to protect their business ideas, the best are selected for the second stage of training (at the same stage is carried out first round of financing, to test the hypothesis). They participate in the festival start-up ideas Sikorsky Challenge.
3. Projects selected by investors and received a first round, served in the business incubator and can be used by the laboratory Sikorsky Lab. At this stage, the second and subsequent rounds of financing.

Despite the difficult situation in the country, the project organizers are confident that it will shoot. According to Yaroslav, precisely because of the current situation to them drawn many businesses wishing to diversify risks and invest in high-tech projects. Among the projects Sikorsky Challenge there are many people who are working on a joint with IT, but there are not associated with information technology directly (drones, biotechnology, alternative energy, space technology, etc.).

Recall one of the most famous in Ukraine startup incubators EastLabs holds restart: the current model works with start-ups do not pay.

Source AIN.UA