Program for modelling of vegetation development and quality assesment.

Програма оцінки стану та моделювання розвитку зелених насаджень
Technology description:
This software allows you to simulate any real surface of the earth (terrain, buildings, vegetation, soil). Based on the model and taking into account the real climate (climate, movement of the sun, the earth, rain, soil, the mutual influence of greenery on each other) and anthropogenic conditions. Program scans and evaluates the status of any planting. Each object is evaluated separately using its position in space, crown shape, leaves and other properties. Assessment of the state produced describing the threat that will give the opportunity to correct the situation.
Active simulation module will allow three-dimensional space to see the evolution of green space at any time in the next 100 years.
Currently, the program can assess the condition and model of development for the peninsula of Crimea, as it is based on research by the National Science Center "Nikitsky Botanical Garden."

The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
There is no software in the world with similar functionality and capabilities. Currently in ecology and forest science three-dimensional mathematical programming models for modeling processes occurring in nature and prediction of their development over a long period of time are not used.

Solved problems
Today if you want to asset the state of greenery growing in the city or the park and see their evolution in the coming years you need to carry out expensive comprehensive research of green plantings, soil, climate, lighting, etc. Three-dimensional modeling of these processes on the computer can avoid large financial, time, labor costs and to accelerate the adoption of optimal decisions to change or stabilize the greenery.

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration
Програма оцінки стану та моделювання розвитку зелених насаджень