Mobile application «Foods story»

Mobile application «Foods story»
Technology description
Smart search the recipe for a given category of recipes and key products that are in stock.

Our approach is fundamentally new and different from the commercially available mobile applications

Stage of Development
In the classical scheme in order to prepare meals we look for a recipe with a list of products that must be purchased and then we go to the store. Our approach is fundamentally new (reverse) - we have the products and via a mobile app we discover recipes which consist of only products that we have, so don't have to go to grocery store.

• Market culinary services - more than 5 million downloads (the best in services) per year
• Regional application (recipe directories) have hundreds of thousands of downloads

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Competitors use the classical approach to the organization of culinary services. Mobile applications are complex, intricate and poor interface.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The unstable situation in the country runs the initial release of the application. There is no stability in the economic, political and legal framework. Risk aversion measure - change the launch pad to launch the application.

Mobile application «Foods story»