“Steel entrepreneur” game

Starting a business is always difficult , but at the same time it's always interesting : analysis of market and idea potential, business-modeling, making presentations for investors, and of course, a lot of productive teamwork.

Business game “Steel entrepreneur” it’s an opportunity:

●to try yourself us an entrepreneur without any risks
● meet new people with an active lifestyle
● improve your teamwork skill , learn how to present your project to investors , and develop other important skills
● win the championship and go to finals , where you will compete with students from Russia and SND countries.

Participating in game – its always a tough work, creative ideas and good impressions. But the main sing - is a chance to find partners and make some real projects.

To take part in Kyiv staged contest you simply have to visit
http://hse-inc.timepad.ru/event/19025and register.

Short notes about the “Steel entrepreneur” game

Contestants group up in 4-5 member teams. Then team have to invent a business-idea based on some innovative technology, and choose the most perspective for commercialize. You should to think off as many ways to use this technology as possible. Then contestants will develop a business model , market share , consumers , ways to make product popular combining all research in power-point presentation. And all this should be done in just 1 our! Teams one after another will present their ideas to jury which will choose the winner. Team which will take 1-st place will go to finals.