Garage 48 in Kiev

Garage 48.png

In the best time of the year — spring — Garage48 will take place in a heart of Ukraine — beautiful city of Kiev. Be ready to dedicate your weekend to the advantageous trip of new ideas and their realisation on the 11th to 13th of May 2012 at Kiev Politechnical University (Peremogy avenue, 37).

Garage48 is as you could already understand 48-hours event, aimed to show that business is all about positive attitude, creative team members and a motivating deadline.
Garage48 events start at 3pm on a Friday evening. All participants gather together in a big room and pitch about 30 to 40 ideas on stage. Each idea is put on the wall and everyone can choose their favourite idea and team. Usually about 12-15 ideas will be selected and teams start working.

We provide mentors, food and drinks over the weekend, while teams are working on their projects. Sunday night 6pm is the deadline to step on the stage again and live-demo your project. We have the jury and audience to vote for their favourites and choose the winners.

The event involves talents from different areas enable teams to find new members, get assistance from experienced mentors or just book the weekend for intensive work with inspiring company.

All the events are carried out in English and international applicants are very much expected.

Garage48 is weekend long intensive development event to work out and bring new startups into life. Take a look at past events
Teams formed on spot aim to realize ideas presented on Friday evening in 48 hours and deliver working service or prototype. Selection of the applicants and “no powerpoint” rule enables each teams to reach the aim.

Registration starts April 11th

15:00 — Doors open, check-in, networking, coffee, snacks
16:00 — Opening remarks
16:30 — Pitching ideas (90 sec per idea)
18:30 — Refreshment break
18:45 — Pitching ideas (continues)
19:45 — Forming teams, everyone will choose their favorite idea
20:25 — Teamwork begins!
24:00 — Venue closes

09:00 — Doors open. We offer light breakfast. Firs checkpoint. Development work continues...
13:00 — Lunch
13:45 — Product development...
16:00 — Second checkpoint
19:00 — Dinner
19:46 — Product development...
24:00 — Venue closes

09:00 — Doors open. We offer coffee and light breakfast. Third checkpoint. Product development continues
13:00 — Lunch
13:45 — Product development...
14:30 — Finalize preparing your product demo / presentation
15:00 — Demo practice with mentors / jury members (10min per team)
17:00 — Coffee break with light meal / snacks
17:30 — Final event: presentation of finished products/services to jury and audience.
20:00 — Announcement of winners, Wrap-up, networking...

NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible