A round table on "State support for innovation"


On 30 March, 2012 the State agency on questions of science, innovations and informatisation of Ukraine, conducted the round table «State support of innovative activity», in which took part the representatives from central organs of executive power, national academies of sciences, scientific establishments, higher educational establishments and industrial enterprises which are the active participants of innovative activity and engaged in development and introduction of the newest technologies. The conference attended General Director of the Science Park "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" Victor S. Kamayev.

Participants of round table step up with speeches about foreign experience of stimulation of innovative activity and ways to adopt it for Ukraine, speak up questions of improvement of innovative infrastructure and problems of reforming national innovative policy, taking into account economic and financial crisis.
Especial attention was given to discussion of suggestions in relation to improvement of norms of Tax code of Ukraine, main goal of which is intensification of innovative activities, which will lead to development of science, mechanics, technologies, effective usage of scientific and technical potential of Ukraine and output of competitive, qualitative new products.

Speakers and themes of their speeches:
• «Innovative activity stimulation experience in other countries» (speaker - Soloviy V.P.);
• «Ways of innovative infrastructure improvement» (speaker - Fedulova L.І.);
• «Innovative voucher as a tool of government support of small entrepreneurship in area of innovative activity» (speaker - Gusev V.О.);
• «Innovative activity support mechanisms in Ukraine taking into account EU experience» (speaker - Kapica U.М.);
• «Tax stimulation of innovative business» (Speaker - Shovaluk V.С.);
• «Specialties of innovative policy in conditions of permanent financial crisis» (Makarenko І.P.);
• «Main ways and approaches of national innovative policy reformation» Schegel С.М.).