Presentation by representatives of KPI, Science Park and «Nature Technologies» company at the headquarters of International Organization for South - SouthCooperation (IOSSC)

Presentation of KPI, Science Park and «Nature Technologies» projects in water treatment sphere was held on 09.12.2013 at the headquarters of International Organization for South - SouthCooperation (IOSSC) with an address at 885 2ndAvenue 48 floor, NewYork, NY.
The target audience for the presentation was island countries which are interested in solving the pressing problems associated with the lack of quality drinking water in the region.
The event began with opening remarks of the Ambassador Alexandru Cujba, the head of IOSSC, who introduced KPI to the attendees as the main solutions provider aimed at water treatment and the provision of high-quality drinking water to population. Afterwards, the floor was taken by the Ambassador Sergeyev Y. A., who also highly praised the achievements of KPI in water treatment and introduced the Rector of KPI, Zgurovsky M. Z..
The Rector expressed his gratitude for the invitation of our delegation in IOSSC and for interest of the audience in our projects. Then, he described KPI and Science Park and introduced Intellectual Property Director of Science Park "Kyivska Polytechnica" Kologrivov Y. I., who presented 14 projects in the field of water treatment, as well as the project "Wave electric power plant" - the production of electricity from wave energy. After the presentation of projects Kologrivov Y. I. showed two short films:
1. Project "Ultrasonic liquid cavitator" - a device for decontamination of liquids
2 . A film about the built water treatment plant in Alchevsk.
After watching the films, the floor was taken by a representative of the company "Nature Technologies", Ososkov Alexandr, who presented the achievements and opportunities of the company in the field of water treatment, focusing on the 3 projects:
1. Construction of water treatment plants
2. Construction of water desalination plants
3. Creation of container-modular treatment/water desalination plants.
The audience was informed that the company has experience in implementing the aforementioned projects in Ukraine (Alchevsk), Russia (Kaliningrad), and Turkmenistan.
The speech of Ososkov Alexander was complemented by a commentary of a vice-president of "Nature Technologies" Chernovolov G. Y. concerning close cooperation between the company, KPI and Science Park, which would solve any problems in the field of water treatment anywhere in the world.
After answering the questions, the Ambassador Alexandru Cujba reported that the organization IOSSC had found funds for the construction of a number of plants and concerned island countries will select the best projects to be funded. KPI and SP will implement the projects.