In January, 25 new coding clubs of Code Club UA start in Ukraine

In these unpaid clubs children aged 9-11 years will learn coding by volunteers who are computer developers from Ukrainian IT companies. The clubs work with British curriculum. The mission of Code Club UA is to give every child in Ukraine the chance to learn to code, because the ability to write and read computer programs is as important for our new digital natives as ability to write and read words.

What do we teach? We teach to code in Scratch and Python, to develop web-sites with CSS и HTML. Classes are held once a week for an hour. During this hour, students have time to create one finished project, animation, computer game or a website - and they can show it to their friends or relatives. Code Club is about fun, creativity and learning through exploring. It’s important that the children enjoy their time at Code Club and that it doesn’t feel like another school lesson. There is no theory – practice only. So children absorb all skills as they work through the projects rather than through didactic teaching.

It is very simple to join the program, 70 venues from bag cities and little villages have already done it. Schools and libraries can send an email to,  or register a venue on the map of Code Club World Developers who have some free time and desire to convey knowledge to children can become volunteers by filling out a form here:

At the moment, more than 30 venues of Code Club UA and about 300 children are waiting for volunteers.

Skype: CodeClub UA
FB: Codeclub UA