Universal microprocessor controller

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Energy and Energy Efficiency

Sustainable natural resource management

New substances and materials


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A software and hardware complex for technological processes and heat supplement control is developed.
The complex includes:
set of microprocessor devices (more than 30 items) for the automatic process control;
software for standard control tasks and energy efficient control algorithms that use innovative solutions based on the internal models and dynamic correction developed by authors.

Description of the problem

Control algorithms that patented by authors provide high quality process control not only at stationary but also at maneuvering modes of process, particularly at the load changing.
Software and hardware complex provides the following benefits: improving the safety and reliability of production by minimizing the human factor in nonstationary modes of equipment, improve product quality, reduce energy costs by more precise regulation. The economic effect from the implementation may be 3% for large plants and 25% in the automation of municipal utilities.

Stage of Development

Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers

Software-hardware complex used for large objects:
Power units of thermal power stations
Energy plants of industrial and municipal enterprices,
Metallurgy, chemicals, food and other industries.