New lowalloyed alloys and manufacturing techniques of them wear-resistant parts operating in heavy abrasive, hydro abrasive wear and corrosive environments at high temperatures.

Нові економнолеговані сплави та технологія виготовлення із них зносостійких деталей, що працюють в умовах інтенсивного абразивно
Energy and Energy Efficiency New Materials Engineering

First developed and recommended the latest casting special iron-based alloys to produce cast parts that work in a room and high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, heavy abrasion, shock and abrasive waterjet wear that does not contain expensive and scarce elements and have satisfactory casting properties, which makes it possible to produce cast piece not only traditional but also special ways of casting;
- Recommended latest casting alloys have significant advantages over used in the industry at present:
a) heat-resistant alloys do not contain incorporates expensive and scarce nickel and cobalt (modern heat-resistant alloys containing 10 ... 25% nickel and 8 ... 15% cobalt);
b) wear resistant alloys fully suitable for producing cast parts accountable and responsible destination especially at the level of Mn-steel;
- High performance heat-resistant parts made of advanced alloys, providing stability to the geometric dimensions that contribute to efficient and long-term operation of the equipment in high temperature and corrosive environments: efficiency of such components at 1.5 ... 2.0 times higher than that used now chromium-nickel;

Description of the problem
Economic effect due to replacement only material - chromium-nickel rolled - newest freenikel steel - is estimated at current prices from 20 to 40 thousand USD per 1 ton of product.

Stage of innovation
Develop complete with confirmed

Potential customers, markets:
Designed specifically iron-based alloys, processes them melting and casting manufacturing various special methods of casting for use in foundries enterprises Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine and abroad