Powders self fluxing alloys for deposition of multifunctional coatings (wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, renewable, etc.) –by thermal methods and equipment for their production

Порошки самофлюсівних сплавів
New substances and materials Mechanical engineering Automobiles and parts

Scientific and technological principles for produce a powder of self fluxing alloys based on iron can be used to study patterns of a powder other materials.
Design development performed in can be used for creation of industrial production getting powdered metals and alloys and materials on their basis.

Innovative aspect and main advantages
Self fluxing alloys based on iron for thermal deposition compared with known nickel-based and cobalt are much cheaper due to the fact that they use a cheap ferroalloys while main-taining performance properties of these coatings
Getting powders self fluxing alloys based on iron with given properties dispersing their melts will greatly simplify obtaining wear-resistant coatings for machine parts and mechanisms to improve their performance, reduce cost powders for spraying by 30% by reducing material consumption settings, use closed loop using gaseous and liquid energy and reducing the cost of environmental problems.

Problem solved
Improving economic efficiency and reduce material consumption in obtaining powders samoflyusivnyh alloys and coatings are applied in the manufacture of machine parts or res-toration mechanisms.

Development status
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets
The results can be applied in the CIS and foreign countries - China, India, and Vietnam. In Ukraine - "Yuzhmash" Dnepropetrovsk; DKTB Electric Institute NASU, Kiev; LLC "Inter-Call Priority" of Kyiv; Brovarsky Kazenyy plant powder metallurgy Brovary Kyiv region Private Enterprise "КоДА" Brovary.