High-grade brick from ordinary clays

Високоякісна цегла із низькоякісної глини
Tech mining and mineral processing

A new technology of the clayware production is developed, tested and offered for application. The core of this technology lies in combining the advantages of two fundamental technologies: plastic and half-dry. This technology allows production of high-grade bricks and facing bricks from widespread in Ukraine ordinary clays.

Innovative aspect and main advantages
This technology allows production of high-grade bricks and facing bricks from ordinary clays, which is not possible when applying traditional technologies. For example, this technology increases strength characteristics of bricks by three times (in particular, in bending), freeze-thaw resistance by 1.5 times, while water-absorbing capacity is reduced by 1.5 times (which is especially important quality for facing brick).

Problem solved
The best material for building is ceramic brick. There is currently a high demand for it. However, there is a lack of high-quality ceramic raw materials in Ukraine. Therefore, expensive bricks are exported to Ukraine from abroad. Implementation of offered technology is import substitution, creation of new working places and also reduction costs of building.

Development status
Prototype with favorable lab results

Competitors, competitive technologies
The exciting technologies cannot compete with the offered technology, because they use expensive, mainly imported raw materials, which require special energy-intensive processing.