Development of economic management practices for electric power demand in the United Energy System (UES) of Ukraine

Sustainable natural resource management

Significant irregularity of daily schedules of electric load and unfavorable structure of generating capacity of the UES of Ukraine lead to the fact that the uneven demand for power is mainly provided by the control of the operating modes of the thermal power stations power units of the generating companies (TPP SC), which is connected with significant additional costs for electricity production. Improvement and further development of current Ukrainian time differentiated electricity tariffs will create the conditions for the correct, targeted control of consumer demand for electric power which will help reduce its irregularity, and thus facilitate the power generation modes, which, in its turn, will improve the reliability and quality of electricity supply, as well as the cost-functioning of the United Energy System.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Differentiated by the day zones power tariffs have contributed to the leveling of daily schedules of the united energy system, but to date they have already exhausted the ability to effectively control consumer demand for electric power. Foreign experience of power demand control cannot be implemented in Ukraine "mechanically" due to the specific character of domestic energy industry and consumers directly. For this reason, the innovative project suggests the development of an original methodology and specific methods of control of consumer demand for electric power, adapted to the present situation and peculiarities of the Ukrainian power industry.

Problem solved:
Uneven consumer demand for electric power, unfavorable structure of generating capacity in the united power system, a complication of electricity production modes, substantial excess costs for its production by thermal power plants, the imperfection of the existing time-differentiated electricity tariffs as the only mean of consumer demand control, the lack of reasonable proposals regarding the improvement and further development of differentiated tariffs.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
The divisions of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the National Power Company “Ukrenergo”, Glavgosenergonadzor of Ukraine, the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, State Enterprise “Energorynok”, regional utility companies.