Low-waste technology of wastewater treatment by coagulation method

Разработка малоотходной технологии очистки сточных вод коагуляционным методом
Sustainable natural resource management Environment Chemistry

The process flowsheet of low-waste technology of wastewater treatment, polluted by dye and surfactants, which includes coagulation wastewater treatment by iron-containing coagulant, the further processes of acid dissolution obtained sludge and oxidative treatment of formed reclaimed

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
 the degree of discoloration of wastewater is 90…95 %;
 reducing the volume of wastewater sludge by 10 times;
 recycling the initial reagents;
 complete removal of toxic components.

Problem solved:
 high efficiency of wastewater treatment;
 resource saving;
 environmentally friendly production.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
The Ministry of Environmental Protection, as well as companies and organizations involved in the development of technology systems drinking water and waste water, JSC "Chernigov Khimvolokno", Kiev JSC "Rose", JSC "Himtekstilmash", JSC "Cheksil" etc.