Water treatment and desinfection technology for drinking and technical water using reagent of complex action based on water-soluble polymer

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Research and development, patenting, achieving of permissive documents from authorities and start of pilot production were done for reagent of complex action for needs of water (drinking, industrial, special needs) treatment. Reagent combines properties of non-oxydizing disinfectant with wide range of activity (bacteria, virii, fungies, protozoa, algae), flocculent and complex-forming compound (could remove heavy metals and organic compounds)

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
According to it’s polymer structure, reagent is not fugitive, stable in water, capable to achieve durable disinfection and long-term conservation of water even in case of very inappropriate water conditions.
Reagent is not an oxydizer, so it is corrosion-ianctive, fire-safe, do not require special conditions of storage.
Reagent is safe for human and warm-blooded animals (4th class of toxisity by WHO rating system), and in the same time has high bactericidal, algicidal, fungicidal and virulicidal activity.
Pollution of environment by chorineorganic compounds is absent.
Several times decrease of coagulant usage.
Usage of reagent decreases mutagenic activity of water (because of dangerous compounds removing) in several tenths of times.

Problem solved:
Modern technologies of water desinfection, such as chlorination, ozonation, UV, not always provide guarantied desinfection of water. Also they didn’t provide durable conservation of treated water at storage and transportation. Chlorination and ozonation results in increased speed of equipment corrosion, what increases total cost of ownership. Chlorination results in forming of significant amounts of dangerous for health and life of human chlorineorganics compounds. Ozonation results in forming so called “biologically-unstable water”.

Development status:
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets:
Municipal, local and personal water treatment systems, water treatment, water-conditioning and turnaround water supply systems in different industries, conservation of water at transportation and storage, disinfection of water in swimming pools, disinfection of equipment and bottles at bottled drinking water production plants, disinfection of water wells, disinfection of equipment and tare at food industry.