The modular wave energy converter rotary type

Модульна хвильова електростанція роторного типуKeywords
Technology use new fuels, renewable and alternative energy sources

We found (and patented in Ukraine) engineering solution to the problem of energy conversion of sea and ocean waves, developed a simplified mathematical model and method of calculation of the power plant. Fabricated and successfully tested a variety of experimental modules, including the conditions of the natural waves on the river Dnieper.
We are ready to finish the research and manufacture of modular design of wave power 50kW nominal power.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The main disadvantage of the known wave power is the presence of alternating loads in the dynamic scheme, leading to an enormous loss of energy to overcome the forces of inertia and premature failure of the brackets and supports. Besides the intermediate energy conversion reduce the reliability of the works, increase the amount of maintenance work and their cost.
We have developed equipment is free from any these problems and is very reasonable for the energy market cost / POWER. A preliminary assessment of the cost of industrial WEC is in the range of $ 2.000 per 1 kW of installed capacity. And it is an order of magnitude less than the best world standards!
In Ukraine, under the existing legislation, our power plant in two or three years of operation will be profitable!

Problem solved:
The ocean and sea waves is the most concentrated of all the known renewable energy sources.
However, today in the world there is no effective technical solutions for converting energies of sea and ocean waves into electricity.

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Consumers freshwater (potable water) - 40% of the land

Public and private grid
Individual and group end-users of electricity