Technology of ultrasonic cavitation of concrete modification

Технологія ультразвукової кавітаційної модифікації бетонуKeywords
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Processing of cement glue by high intensity ultrasound can increase up to 15 ... 20% the compressive resistance and tensile of concrete articles, thus obtaining products with high performance characteristics.
To reduce the water absorption of concrete, wax is added in cement glue. That is very important in the preservation of liquid toxic, structures maintenance in aggressive fluids exposure conditions. Under the influence of ultrasonic cavitation components intensively move on a molecular level and form a stable system of "wax-water-cement." Further mixing of the constituent components of the concrete should be made at a temperature of about 60C. At this temperature the wax particles deliquesce, filling all pores of the concrete. The use of wax increases humidity resistance, corrosion resistance and durability of concrete products.
For long-term storage of liquid radioactive waste in cement containers wolfram nanopowder is added into cement milk during manufacture procedure. Further processing of the cement mixture by high-intensity ultrasound cavitation allows to obtain concrete with a high degree of radiation impermeability of special purpose.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Advantages include improvement of service properties of concrete products:
- High strength of concrete products;
- reduction of concrete hygroscopicity;
- High humidity resistance, corrosion resistance and durability of concrete products;
- Low porosity of the concrete;
- High degree of radiation impermeability of special purpose.

Problem solved:
Substantial increase in the reliability and durability of special purpose objects (containers for the disposal of radioactive wastes, bridge footing, etc.)

Development status:
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets:
Nuclear power engineering, building