Equipment for diagnostics and therapy of spine and joints

Equipment for diagnostics and therapy of spine and joints
Technology description
Development and creation of tool with the purpose of looking after the state of spine and joints has old history, although till recently this arsenal was limited to the primitive enough equipment. Lately this theme is in the area of the increased attention of developers, which use for the construction of such devices and equipment of achievement in area of microelectronics, mechanics, sensor-based systems.
Practical realization of complex of equipment is examined in a project, where as sensors the digital are used inertia aссelerometers.
A device can be useful not only at the estimation of the state of spine and joints in the process of the use of restoration methods. During the protracted work with a computer and in the process of teaching the spine of schoolboy tests the substantial static loadings, that in same queue results in his deformations and, accordingly, diseases. The use of device can profit for forming of correct position of spine .

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Modern methods of diagnostics of spine with the use of MRT are exact enough and give the complete picture of his state. But such researches are dear and require much time. Especially, when it is necessary to watch consisting of spine of prophylactic aims during prophylactic examinations of schoolboys and students. Therefore, the question is about a device which has a low cost relatively, compact, does not require skilled preparation of personnel, operative in the use and enables to save findings in a digital form with the purpose of further comparison and uses. Interpretation of information can be carried out by a standard computer.
A device can be used in the sporting trainings and sporting medicine at preparation of sportsmen.

Solved problems
An inexpensive equipment by which it is possible to carry out early diagnostics and treatment of diseases of spine and joints absents at the market. The same touches the use of restoration methods in the process of treatment of patient. In addition, there are many types of works, executing which a worker is forced is in the tense static state. The use of device will allow to control position of spine and remind the user of necessity adjustment position of body.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

Presently doing Estimation of markets is unsimple. We consider that the complete set of equipment can find the wide circle of the use and purchase substantial distribution. Potential users can be medical establishments and hospitals, sanatorium-health and prophylactic complexes, users of computers and all who needs the correction of locomotorium

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
To information about the presence of similar type of equipment on markets absents. Protecting from an unauthorized printing-down is carried out at the level of the soft.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Realization of project does not have the special risks. A project is directed on helping in the improvement of the state the health of man, therefore main risks are technological. The developed complete set of equipment for diagnostics and therapy of spine must conform to the requirements of user

Equipment for diagnostics and therapy of spine and joints