Water treatment


1) Фільм: завод з очищення води м. Алчевськ (укр.версія)

2) Movie: plant for water purification in Alchevsk (eng.version)

Water treatmen

Water treatment with «Nature Technologies» company
No other company has yet applied technology of such level on the territory of post-Soviet Union. Reverse osmosis technology allows to obtain absolutely clean water from smallest particles to fractions as large as virus(!). The water treatment process reduces the concentration of components in water by 96-99%.
A company "Technologies of nature" in a collaboration with the Scientific park "Kyivska politechnika" is ready to render the wide spectrum of services in waste water treatment :

- it is research and analysis of sources of entrance water;

- it is a selection of the optimum systems of водоподготовки and development of project on the basis of researches;

- it is development of financial model of project and help in organization of financing;

- are engineerings works;

- are build, assembling, chief-assembling and starting-up and adjustment works;

- it is supplying with repair parts and expense materials for the systems of water treatment;

- it is guarantee and post-guarantee repair;

- it is informative support