The system "Intellectual multistory building"

Система «Інтелектуальний багатоповерховий будинок»Keywords

It is offered to use the equipment, the use of which can help to save heat and water resources. The economy of the resources will happen in such a way. Firstly – the usage of hot water, which was heated at night during the reduced fare for electricity and saved (canned) to the time of usage. Secondly – the use of water, which was heated with the help of the Sun energy in the warm season. Thirdly – the use of the cleaned grey water as the technical water.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The novelty of the innovation is connected with the usage of the automatic system "Intellectual multistory building" with the usage of hot water which was heated and saved beforehand and with the usage in domestic purposes the technical water. Implementation and usage of such a system will allow to reduce greatly the cost of the heating of water and to reduce the amount of using of the household water. The implementation of such a project on a national scale will allow to reduce the amount of harmful emissions and to reduce the amount of usage of natural gas and coal in the housing field.

Problem solved:
The necessity of using such an innovation is due to constantly rising prices for energy and as a result, the fares the services of house holding utilities. The use of the innovation will allow to lower the cost of hot water greatly for the consumer. And to use less water because of the use of the technical water.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
Residents of multistory buildings, condominiums, town and district administration, the Ministry of Housing.