New technologies make or restore mechatronic systems with sliding bearings for industry and medicine

Новітні технології виготовлення або відновлення мехатронних систем з підшипниками ковзання для промисловості та медициниKeywords
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The proposed new technology involves coating the workpiece bearing or on the worn surface of the composite metalpolimernoho pasty mixture and forming accurate surface using kontrzrazka. After solidification of the composite surface is obtained in exactly the same surface kontrzrazka.
The technology is designed to form the bearing surfaces of different types, the guide of machine tools and other production equipment, conical and spherical joints spatial mechatronic drive systems. Technology can be effectively used in the manufacture of precision pairs with low friction forces of resistance and efficient lubrication.
The technology is appropriate for use in the repair of worn or defective bearings, guides of various types, spherical joints. The technology is designed for use in bearings that are used in various types of machines used in engineering, construction, agricultural, domestic and medical technology.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Compared with traditional technologies machining bearings, guides and spherical joints proposed technology is much more efficient and cheaper. Reducing the cost of production due to the following factors: the traditional surface treatment technology includes two parts that form a pair of friction. The proposed technique requires fabrication of only one precise surface details and excludes transactions fit and create special lubrication systems. The interacting surface friction pair must be matched to the parameters of accuracy and roughness.
A pair of friction is usually performed with dissimilar materials (eg, steel, bronze), which are expensive. One of the parts (covered) usually allows better handling and control conditions and easier and cheaper to manufacture. Covering part of the friction pair is much more difficult to manufacture and is expensive. The technology requires making only one piece of a pair of friction (covered), and encompassing part formed on an existing exact surface. Therefore, encompassing manufactured item has high accuracy and corresponds actually manufactured the main surface of the friction pair. The current surface is fitted to an existing accurate surface. As a result of the manufacture of surface covered by the 5th Kvalitet accuracy is the ability to form a covering surface as on 5th Kvalitet. Traditional technology does not allow to make encompassing surface up above the 7th Kvalitet. Therefore, the technology significantly increases the efficiency of the friction pair. Based on this technology implemented particularly accurate bearing assemblies including ball-joints.
It is recommended for use in guiding machine tools and other production equipment. Using this technology implemented original hinges with permanent magnets for power circuit hinge. It is possible to create effective and hydrostatic balloon bearing units, bearings and spherical joints. These bearings are designed for use in engineering construction.

Problem solved:
The need for this innovation due to high demands on precision machined surfaces of parts of machine tools and other machines, reduced the time to make them.
The technology significantly improves the performance as mechatronic systems with sliding bearings for industry and medicine. The technology allows you to recover any bearing at minimal cost.

Development status:
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets:
Manufactory, including engineering, agriculture, agribusiness, construction and medicine. The need for Ukraine to manufacture and restoration of bearings is approximately 10 .. 20 million units per year.