«Multipurpose energy saving heating elements»

Енергозберігаючі нагрівальні елементи широкого призначенняKeywords
Energy and Energy Efficiency New substances and materials

Offered heating elements with heating coil made out of fabric heat tapes, which can replace tubular elements with heating coil made of nickel chromium coils in all structures, while at the same time increasing energy efficiency of electric appliance, namely performing the same tasks at the 1,6-1,9 times reduced energy consumption.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Authentic technology of fabric heat tapes manufacturing out of silica fibers and wire shaped conductive material (nichrome, tungsten, molybdenum, copper, plate etc.) was used for the first by the authors and is covered by patents and know-how. New heating coil is characterized by specific characteristics (resistance and heat generation capacity), which are controlled variables and can be changed hundreds of times (for instance, resistance from 100 ohm per meter run to 5500 ohm). Ultimate heat generation capacity is 8 W/sqm at the temperature of 850°C for ferrochrome and 12 W/sqm at the temperature of 1050°C for KANTHAL-AA wire.
Usage of this heat coil in flat heating elements (HEH’s ) ensures greater evennes of heat distribution on the surface of units with bigger surface area. Because of this heat emission from the surface of electrically heated element or device increases, which allows to decrease the energy consumption to preserve heat balance.
Thus while manufacturing nozzle and barrel heaters, technological process is realized with decrease of energy consumption by 30%, energy consumption is decreased by 60-64 % if this heating elements are used in electric air heating systems (intensive heat take-off).
40% decrease in energy consumption is observed while using these elements in infrared heating system , but emission spectrum moves to long-wave region, which increases the efficiency of infrared heaters usage in agriculture.

Problem solved:
The need for decrease of energy consumption by industrial and house electric heating devices and decrease of the devices natural gas combustion products emissions in the atmosphere.

Development status:
Development complete with proven results

Potential customers, markets:
Agricultural sector, industrial enterprises, industrial equipment, electric air heating systems.