Possibilities of Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording for development of next-generation ultra-high density HDD

Перспективи застосування мікрохвильового магнітного запису інформації для розвитку та створення нових магнітних носіїв надвисокоKeywords
Information and Communication Technology Instrument

One of the ways to achieve high-density HDD bit magnetization recording is to increase the frequency of magnetic field. But under such conditions the increasing of the frequency leads to the reducing of the magnetic head inductance and, respectively, decreasing of magnetic field. Thus, a problem arises in creating a sufficiently strong magnetic field required for recording process. This can be done by reducing the distance between the effective area of the magnetic write head and recording media. However, in modern HDD it has reached extremely low values. The suggested technology allows the creating a relatively strong magnetic field at low inductances of the write head. We propose to apply a magnetic resonance oscillator placed in the gap between the effective area of the magnetic write head and recording media. Magnetic resonance achieved by a high magnetic field of the magnetic head and the magnetic oscillator provides a fairly strong high frequency magnetic field necessary for recording.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
Previous methods of high-density recording information are characterized by increasing the frequency of the magnetic field with reducing the magnetic write head inductance. In this situation the strength of the magnetic field becomes low and not effective for high-density information recording on the media. The main idea is to place the magnetic resonance oscillator between the magnetic head and the recording media. It will provide the enhancing of the magnetic field of the write head under small inductances of the write head the high-dense information recording on the magnetic recording medium.

Problem solved:
The technology of digital data recording on magnetic media has been developed in the 50's of the last century and currently is the main method of long-term information storage in a computer system. The challenges of the data-processing systems development require the sophisticated magnetic recording instrumentation, information storage and the creation the next-generation high-dense hard disk drives.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
Streamlined and efficient process for recording, storage, and increasing its density is very important in today's world. First of all, described innovation will be of interest to companies that are already engaged in production of products for recording and interested in new ideas to optimize the recording process.