Development of the photovoltaic converters of new generation for the space application.

High-efficiency radiation-resistant silicon photovoltaic converters of new generation for space application will be developed due to next features:
Diffusion processes optimization for p-n junction forming;
Optimization of the requirements for single-crystal silicon;
Application of multilayer anti-reflecting coatings, including ITO, Al2O3, СeO2 and etc.;
Carrying out the combined gettering processes for increasing of the carrier lifetime;
Optimization and development of the new structure of the photovoltaic converters (e.g. PV converter with wrap-through emitter and etc.).
It will allow the higher level of the characteristics, e.g. achieve the conversion efficiency of 21 – 22 % with the cost of one cell on the level of 25 – 40 euro, depending on the lot size.
The European company “AZUR SPACE” is promising for analysis and comparison because the companies of the China and Russia doesn’t sell PV cells abroad and in USA the precondition of the contract is the purchasing of the license for more than $10 000 (which sold very selective). Moreover, the PV cells from USA is 1,5-2 times more expensive in comparison with the cells of “AZUR SPACE” with similar characteristics.