Creation of medical-engineering center

Technology description
The essence of innovation is the development of the methodological foundations of the design and manufacture of prostheses of various body parts (teeth, joints, limbs, etc.) and the creation of a single medical-engineering center for the production of prostheses and implants appropriate modern materials, including and nanomaterials, using innovative design technologies that will improve the quality and increase their durability as well as design and produce individual orthopedic footwear and customized orthotics using the latest innovative technologies and materials.

There is the same product on the market, but the technology has higher quality basic specifications
The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Using of modern computer technology (based on licensed software DELCAM) and equipment (multi-purpose five-axis machining centers). Advantages of the center: a significant reduction in terms of manufacturing dentures; improve the accuracy and quality; processing prostheses from a wide variety of materials (zirconia (Y-TZP ZrO2 HIP), Ti, Fu, zirconia (fully sintered and semisintered) glass ceramic (after re-sintering shrinkage reaches 25%); ceramics, composites, and many others ..) . One of the main advantages is the possibility of the center from the manufacture of dentures and individual orthopedic shoes and insoles for the design and manufacture of prosthetic joints, limbs and other body parts at no additional cost on the purchase of equipment (you need only additional training).

Solved problems
The great advantage of the creation of Company for the production of individual orthopedic footwear, is that in Ukraine as a whole, and in our area in particular, according to research reality 78% of children suffer from a disability feet and leg joints that require the use of individual orthopedic footwear and insoles, which will be made individually for each customer. On the north-east of Ukraine you can buy orthopedic shoes three manufacturers, but it is not an individual, and doctors pick it only approximately, also this footwear has an extremely small variations of design. However in our area there are several companies that manufacture individual stores, but, as a rule, it is hand-made production, it takes a long period of time and the inability to use a variety of design. Another important issue is the selection of shoes for people with valgus deformity of the foot, at the time, as we can offer them a comfortable production and, thus, a beautiful designer shoes. Another equally important problem of society is dentures. At the moment, a large number of denture laboratories offer their services for the production of dentures, implants, etc.., but they all have some significant disadvantages - the necessity of multiple visits by patients of orthopedic doctors (taking an impression, fitting, fitting, etc.), the duration of manufacturing, low precision production, which leads to discomfort, soreness, discomfort in use. The advantage of this innovative technology is a fast, high-quality and high-precision (including complete repetition of the patient's native tooth) production of implants and prostheses.

Stage of Development
Technology is ready for commercial implementation

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Ukraine (in the cities of Kharkiv, Kiev, Odessa and others.) partially (usually dentures) apply similar technologies. In our region, unfortunately, they are not used. Customers in our region use the services of other regions, but it causes a significant rise in the cost of the product and increase in terms of development and manufacturing.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Consumer behavior. Anti-crisis measures - working closely with customers (physicians), holding conferences, seminars, development of leasing programs for equipment cabinets 3D scanners.