Universal system capture of data, account and controlled from distance control of consumable resources which using the technology of wireless sensor networks

Універсальна система збирання даних, обліку та дистанційного контролю споживання ресурсів в комунальній сфері  на основі застосу
Technology description
In communal and production spheres the question of account and control of consumable resources costs sharply. Problems are questions are mechanisms of account of consumable resource and method of forming of his price. One of methods of decision of problem – to do the process of grant of services comfortable, transparent and clear. To that end the complete set of receiving-transmitter equipment, system of sensors, electronic meters and electromechanics regulators, is set in dwellings of subscribers. Findings on the off-wire ductings of connection are passed to central controller's point, where current descriptions of consumption of resource are real-time watched. It is if necessary possible remotedly to limit or halt the process of consumption of resource in general. Thus, automatically there is forming of cost of the consumed resource taking into account a current tariff. It is suggested to use for the construction of the flexible and multitask system of collection and account of consumable resource it is suggested to use technology of wireless sensory networks of standard ZigBee.

Decision of problem energy and resources in Ukraine presently is very important. Decision some its aspects will allow substantially to increase efficiency of the use of resources, will do transparent the mechanism of forming cost of separate resource and favour, will allow to put in order payment of services users and will put the suppliers of resource in a situation, when they must will be constantly improve efficiency of own work. Existing presently mechanisms and methods dissatisfy those terms which was folded.

Solved problems
The necessity of the economy and effective use of available resources requires the modern going near forming of their just price. Thus, it is necessary to remove the monopolist of favour and require the market of increase of efficiency of work of chained from all participants: a producer of resource is a portage of resource – user of resource.

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration

In the conditions of Ukraine an innovation requires facilities for introduction as a pilot project. During successful realization a potential user there can be every user of public utilities, enterprises and organizations which give services. On estimations, a market in the conditions of Ukraine can make ten of millions of users.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
The similar systems in Ukraine yet were not presented.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Basic risks :
- political. They are CPLD, foremost, with the unwillingness of change of existent charts of grant of services producers;
- market immaturity. Technology now is new.

Універсальна система збирання даних, обліку та дистанційного контролю споживання ресурсів в комунальній сфері  на основі застосу