Concept development and implementation of reformulating (alternative) fuels for aviation equipment

Концепція розроблення та упровадження реформульованих (альтернативних) палив для авіаційної техніки

Technology description
The idea is to develop a framework of principles, tools and technological framework for the rational use of energy in Ukraine and possible new biosynthetic environmentally friendly fuel for aircraft.
To implementation of the idea necessary to develop the scientific and technological basis of simple and available, technical and economically expedient and environmentally safe methods and ways to improving the use plant material for the production aviation fuels and lubricants.
As a result of this work will be obtained:
- schematic diagrams of bioproducts processing industry with a choice of standard equipment, their material balances;
- parameters optimized production technology for bioproducts;
- complex of methods and ways low and average molecular alcoholysis, glycolysis and hlitserolizu soyeolu and compositions based on it with rytsolom or palmolom to produce active intermediate basic components for fuels and lubricants;
- structure and composition of technical recycling oils (intermediate products), their physical and chemical properties;
- composition and physico-chemical and performance properties, in particular, tribological, microbiological stability and biosplitting, new environmentally safe biokerosyniv and lubricants;
- concept of rational use of new (alternative) fuels lubricants, and on the basis of their concept of their implementation in aviation.

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the country
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
This innovation is characterized by a complex combination such directions of increase energy efficiency:
1. The introduction energy-efficient equipment in the system aviation fuel providing vehicles Ukraine - solve important problems ecological energy problem.
2. The introduction of biogenic fuels for vehicles which reduces pollution of the environment due to operation of vehicles is economically feasible.
3. Improving the environmental performance of fuels and lubricants - one the most efficient ways to reduce environmental impact.

Solved problems
The limited availability of Ukraine primary and secondary energy carriers problem is very topical to develop the concept of production, synthesis methods and means of introduction of new environmentally safe fuels lubricants.
Experts predict that in 2050 air transportation will cause up to 20% of emissions worldwide. Therefore, the use of biofuels for flying machines will prevent this negative development.
The main advantage, which is achieved as a result development of ecological types of alternative fuels for aircraft is the possibility decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) lifecycle. At the same time, the use of other raw materials for alternative fuels will reduce the content of sulfur. A reduction of the sulfur content in fuel composition is a reliable way to improve air quality and associated with decreased emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) and microparticles.
The obtained from the project scientific and technical results will help speedy development of modern ecological production of motor fuels, their management and, as a result, improve environmental performance aircraft.
Priority sector development of alternative motor fuels reasonable number of legislative acts and policy documents of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2003/30 / EC of 8 May 2003 on promoting the use of biofuels or other renewable fuels for transport, 2009/28 / EC of 23 April 2009 year on the promotion of renewable energy; Laws of Ukraine "On Alternative Energy Sources» № 555-IV of 20.02.2003 y. "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine to promote the production and use of biofuels» № 1391-VI of 21.05.2009 y. "On alternative fuels »№ 1391-IV of 14.01.2000 .; "On Fundamentals (strategy) of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine for the period till 2020» № 2818-VI dated 21 December 2010 "On Approving the National Program of the mineral resource base of Ukraine for the period till 2030» № 3268-VI on April 21 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 24 July 2013 р. № 1071-r "On approval of the energy Strategy of Ukraine till 2030" decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 1 March 2010 р. № 243 "On approval of the State target Economic Program energy efficiency and the development of energy production from renewable energy sources and alternative fuels for 2010-2015 ", Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 30 October 2013 р. № 944" On approval of the Concept of the State program of airports for the period to 2023 'order Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 20 October 2010 р. № 2174-r "On approval of the Transport strategy of Ukraine till 2020" Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 12 February 2009 р. № 276-p “on Approval of the Concept of the State scientific and technical program development of production and use of biofuels”, ASTM D 4054-09« Standartnaya method attestatsyy and utverzhdenyya íîâûõ avyatsyonnыh turbynnыh fuels and additives him."
The project is designed to solve important scientific and applied problems of development and introduction of new biosynthetic (alternative) fuels lubricants for aircraft. The project is located in the context of meeting the global problem of global energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested
Proven technology for small-scale production

Consumption of aviation fuel in Ukraine is around 300-350 thousand tons per year. Fuel is supplied from Kremenchug refinery (suppliers - "Ukrtatnafta" and "Krebo") of the Volgograd Refinery (Russia, company "LUK-Aviation Oil") and Lysychansk refinery (TNK-BP-Avia "). Approximately 50% of the market falls on refueling in DMA "Borispol".
Same time, aviation fuel provided shipment by rail are sold at prices 12 000-18000 USD per ton, an average of 15 000 USD / tons. Thus, the cost of aviation fuel market in Ukraine is 4,5-5,25 billion USD per year. With the introduction of alternative biofuels (a mixture of traditional kerosene and bio-components 50:50) Ukraine could save about 2 billion USD annually.
Vegetable oil production in Ukraine is a powerful sector of agriculture, which unites producers of seeds and fat products. In terms of the production of vegetable oil in Ukraine in the last 10 years have seen annual growth. Almost two-thirds of the market of vegetable oils in Ukraine takes sunflower oil, a third - tropical oils, and less than 10% - other types of vegetable oils (olive, soybean, rapeseed, linseed, mustard). To date, rapeseed enough demand in Europe (Poland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands). Ukraine is one of the leading exporters of rape, as export sales is the main focus for Ukrainian producers. Volumes of supplies of oil-bearing countries also directly dependent on the interest of European countries with rape for biodiesel production. The main importers of Ukrainian rape for these purposes are Poland, France, China. Thus, in the current season, Poland is the largest importer of Ukrainian rape, for the period from July 2011 to import more than 325 thousand. tons.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
The main competitor speaks Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Oil Refining Industry MASMA.
Can copy, but our technology is protected by patents and licenses of intellectual property:
- Bojchenko S.V. Yakovlev A.V., Wolf A., Chernyak L.M. Kontseptsiya development and introduction of new environmentally friendly aviation fuel. - Certificate of registration of copyright № 53402. Zareyestr. 31.01.2014 p.
- Patent 84,484 'Method for preparing the base for MM biosynthetic oil industry', Bull. №20, 2008. b) Kirichenko V.I., Kirichenko L.M. Patent 91 623 'method for obtaining basic industry MM biosynthetic oil-additive polyfunctional' Bull. №15, 2010.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The main risks of the project is the instability of the economy of Ukraine, the immaturity of the market and the end user.
Minimize the risk may support public authorities.
Guaranteeing development can be a state program development and implementation of alternative fuels for aviation.