The local system navigation of mobile complex on the basis of modern technologies

The local system navigation of mobile complex on the basis of modern technologies
Technology description
The system navigation allows to decide position-finding tasks and management mobile complexes remotedly, and also, autonomically. Thus the system can be used into apartments and other reserved spaces. In fact, the question is about the system of the local keeping of mobile objects within a 0,5 – 0,8 meter, that can not be carried out by global GPS.

There is the same product on the market, but the technology has higher quality basic specifications
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
The construction of the system is based on the use of technology of wireless sensory networks, in which possibilities of determination of level and phase of signal are foreseen between nodes. In this case stationary nodes are executed by the functions of radio beacons.
The system will be able effectively to work as a guide in museums, exhibition complexes, super- and giper- markets, in the conditions of the large automated storages, useful will be for people with the problems of sight with the purpose of simplification their orientation in an unknown apartment and open-space.

Solved problems
Modern point-of-sale, exhibition, hotel complexes, territory of zoos, cultural and sporting centers, air-ports have considerable sizes. Oriented in them am a not simple task and one of variants its decision is the construction of the in-plant navigation system from the uses of modern informative-communication technologies.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

At the market technology is presented poorly and the similar systems while are not used. A market necessity on rough estimates makes 20 000 units and at the base cost of unit of products of 10 000 grn. 200 000000 grn makes approximately . At making an imaginary profit will make 100 units 640 000grn.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
The similar systems exist as experimental standards. The offered system allows to use components of the already unfolded wireless sensory network and complement them functionally by new ability. Development is copy-protected at the soft.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
A basic risk is market immaturity. For advancement to the market of product it is necessary actively to attract the potential users of favour, execute publicity activity, interest potential investors.

The local system navigation of mobile complex on the basis of modern technologies