Technology description
Myrasp – platform that allows you to make a real schedule pairs, with translations and cancellations in real-time. Allows teacher to notify students of any changes and getting their review. The platform will also inform students about upcoming cultural events. Provide an opportunity for students to communicate within group.

The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
new in the country
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Today there are sites that offer make up their schedule, but there is no platform for interaction students with teachers. Also on existing portals there is no discussion between students about schedules and mechanisms of schedules changes are not simple enough.

Solved problems
For students in Ukraine there is no place where they could cooperate and have a group chat about upcoming exams or lessons, they cant share files and communicate with teacher in order to ask some questions

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration

As of 2012-2013 in Ukraine about 2 million 170 thousand students. Number of students in the world a hundred times more. Just in universities constantly open new faculties and departments, as well as creating new institutions and colleges.
With coverage of 10% of Ukrainian students - it is about 200 thousand people, and evaluated 1000
students in 2.5 dollars (eg for advertising purposes) we get 15 thousand dollars in month or 180 thousand dollars per year.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Despite the fact that there are already web services with the schedule they are not direct competitors for several reasons:
1) Do not create a relationship between the students and teacher.
2) Do not make it possible to group communication.
3) are not adapted to generate lessons (no setting type of lesson, binding it to teacher, etc.), they have only option of creating an abstract event with text and time.

Copying business model is possible, but only if project is creating from scratch. Binding such functionality to existing projects is not appropriate. Take away audience occupied by us will be extremely difficult (would not make sense for users to re-register at another site, even with a slightly better functionality).
There is no substitute products.
Barriers to entry are low - the only risk when the project starts – awkward site interface. That can be solved by communication with target audience.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The project has these risks:
1) Dissatisfaction user interface or functionality of the site. Solution - constantly collect feedback as we have already registered online students.
2) Competition. Solution - as soon as possible to dial the user base. They will not want to move to another site, as already have the entire schedule links and contacts on our. Need to constantly add new features and to quickly resolve all problems.