Laser shooting trainers for entertainment industry

Laser shooting trainers for entertainment industryTechnology description
Development and introduction of cheap laser trainers for sportsmans and young shooters training. Using laser simulators instead of firearms at certain stages of marksmanship improves shooting performance by about 30-35%, accelerates the process of primary skills obtaining by 25-30% and reduces the cost of ammunition for target practice 3-4 times.

The technology doesn’t have the strict market
The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the country
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Currently in Ukraine there is no clearly established market for laser shooting simulators. Most of such simulators entered into our country from other countries, particularly from Russia, Germany and Finland. However, even when compared with foreign counterparts, our shooting simulators have lower costs and better performance in speed and accuracy of measurements. Now produced several sets of such simulators that have already been tested.

Solved problems
According to foreign experts sportsman-shooter in the training process must to perform at least 1200 rounds per month. At a cost of one cartridge in 3 UAH it would be amount to 3,600 UAH, and for the year – 43,200 UAH. Thus, one set of laser trainer is able to pay for itself in less than three months, as the annual economic impact of its implementation will be 37,200 UAH. Also, the use of laser trainers instead of firearms meets the needs and requirements of the International Biathlon Union, as it ensures the safety during training and competition, as well as significant cost savings by reducing the cost of ammunition by 3-4 times.

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration
Proven technology for small-scale production

Laser shooting trainer’s market is still developing on the territory of Ukraine. Clear assessment of its size can not be presented, but it is possible to estimate the main segment of consumers. When using trainers in the entertainment industry - people between the ages of 15-28 years. When using trainers for cheap shooting firearms training age barrier disappears. The main consumers – sportsmans, security, defence and law enforcement agencies, amateur shooters. Implementation of the project will have a significant social impact, given the possibility of the cheap laser trainers introduction in youth sports schools, in the shooting sections of secondary schools, to promote military-patriotic education of youth.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
On the market of such products are presented Ukrainian and Russian shooting trainers:
1 "Ingul" manufacturer LLC "Hertz", Kirovograd, Ukraine;
2 "Laser tir", the manufacturer LLC «Laser Tir», Kharkov, Ukraine;
3 "Interactive shooting simulator", the manufacturer LLC "Vityaz", Moscow, Russia.
4 "Multimedia laser shooting gallery « Strike-Game »and« Laser-Game », LLC" IVN ", Ivanovo, Russia.
Disadvantages associated with these trainers are using massive metal plates made from a special alloy as the projection screen and an indirect method of assessing the impact point coordinate of the bullet according to the acoustic sensors mounted on the rear side of the screen is:
■ ricochet from the screen;
■ limiting of the weapons caliber and muzzle energy;
■ low estimation accuracy of coordinates;
■ inability to simultaneous multi-shooters;
■ inability to use weapons with laser cartridges.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Risks for the project realization are the following factors:
- Competition from foreign companies, creating regional technology transfer centers for the similar products manufacturing;
- The lack of public funding for innovation and a sharp outflow of innovators in other countries;
- Political and economic situation in the country.
Implementation guaranties are product’s competitiveness, which provided:
- Comparative cheapness compared to analogues;
- Significant advantages over similar products;
- Ease of use and remote setup application modes;
- Minimal using costs for its intended purpose;
- Applications and a large set of features etc
Laser shooting trainers for entertainment industry