Technology description
The essence of innovation is in possibility of intensification of radiator heat exchange with gas environment

There is the same product on the market, but the technology has higher quality basic specifications
There are radiators for cooling radioelements, which are represented by ribbed metallic devices, which are sometimes blown on by ventilator (i.e. heat removal from the radiator to the gas environment may be executed by natural and forced convection). Offered technology helps downsizing and reducing the cost of radiators, keeping effectiveness at the same level (or increasing the effectiveness, keeping the same size).

Solved problems
Traditionl problem is downsizing electronic devices, which is closely related to increasing the effectiveness of cooling radiators

Stage of Development
Conceptual stage

Assessination of the market shows that global market is about 1 billion US dollars (about 500 million items). Local – 10 million US dollars (5 million items).

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
The main direct competitor is YS TECH USA. It would be hard to copy the product. It would be possible to opy the product, but not so easy. There are no barriers to entry