Technology description
CamTouch – software-hardware solution that allows you to turn any surface into an interactive. Surface can be controlled by using a laser pointer and pen with infrared LED.
The complex consists of software, laser pointer, LED pen, a webcam and a projector (monitor).

There is the same product on the market, but the technology has higher quality basic specifications
The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the country
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Implemented technology makes the additional cost for the product
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable

Solved problems
Multimedia boards are used wherever you need to interactive interact with multimedia content, but they are too expensive - it interferes with their implementation. Cost of the complex CamTocuch not less than 10 times smaller.

The market is in a stable condition. But I believe that after the CamTouch, the market will start to grow. The reason is that those people who previously could not afford to purchase such devices - can buy.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
The main direct competitors are manufacturers of multimedia boards, they occupy a large part of the market (> 80%).
The rest part are the decision by Hitachi and other same solutions.
Competitors will be able to copy the product, but they will need to develop software from scratch.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
There is a risk that in the course of this year we will not be able to implement the development in the territory of Ukraine, because now there are more important issues.
Solution - start with another country.