Social media monitoring system “Network Monitor”

Technology description
Innovation in system "Network Monitor" is the accumulation of information about the topology of sharing posts on social networks, monitoring the dynamics of users, groups and communities, and on the basis of these data shaping the criteria of the most effective dissemination of messages produced estimates the effect of outreach, the allocation of the target audience.

The technology doesn’t have the strict market
The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
There is an opportunity for practical implementation

Solved problems
At the moment, there is a sufficient number of social networks monitoring systems in general purpose (for the definition of brands, search for messages, the definition of emotional coloring of objects, etc.) and specialized (observation group, the subjects). However, the existing products only record the number of subscribers and observers in the accounts and communities, without making assumptions about the effective audience of key customers, key players.
At the same time, the selection of these subsets may be used as marketing (for product promotion, formation of opinions, etc.) and for research purposes.

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration

Risks of the project and anti-risk activitie
Risks – political, technical (social media evolution)
AntiRisks – new tasks, more functions