Flap-on window

Flap-on window
Technology description
About 40% of the heat loss of residential premises in the cold season is related to windows. As well as in the summer months additional heat leaks through windows, which requires additional expenses for air conditioning.
The essence of innovation is installation of exterior window shutters on the entire perimeter of the window with automatic rolling.
Flap is the roll of special film fitted to the dimensions of the window, and installed in the special replaceable cartridge. Due to the reflective cover such shutters reduce the room temperature during the summer. And the unrolled shutters create additional thermal insulation during the cold season. Automatic shutter adjustment connected to the monitoring of external conditions additionally reduces heat loss.

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the country
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
The most similar products, which are available on the domestic market, are blinds and roller blinds. But their main functions are decoration and shading. The closest analogs are smart glass and motorized shutters. But due to high cost such products are not well spread.
The authors of this innovations offer low-cost automatic flap device for reducing heat loss. Developed device prototype shows its efficiency during the test series.

Solved problems
To solve the problem of heat loss the market offers installation of multi-chamber windows with blinds or shutters. It is expensive and may be inefficient if the product quality is not high.
The authors offer solution which are much cheaper, has better functionality and easy installation without additional personnel. Due to its advantages this device potentially becomes efficient way of significant saving energy on a national scale.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

This device is oriented mainly on the domestic market. For heating of the whole infrastructure Ukraine consumes more than 25 billion cub. m. of gas. So even 15% of decreasing of gas consumption reduces national dependence on the imported energy.
In perspective the market may be expanded on the other countries, which also suffer lack of energy sources.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Due to complicated situation with energy sources in Ukraine the project realization on a national scale requires government support, especially product marketing and general popularization of energy saving technologies.
The device may be implemented in two modifications: manual and automatic. The last one is more efficient, but also bit expensive, due to requirements of additional mechanical and electronic components.
The local factories and their materials may be used for production of this device.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The main risks are related to the unstable political situation. To get the full effect of the project on a national scale, at least minimal government support is required.
From the technical point of view the risks are minimal due to the universal solution and the usage of the new components and developed software and controller.
The usage of such device is a comfort in the house during the summer and winter season as well.
Flap-on window