Online service for trade and warehouse management and accounting for small business - "NBS"

Technology description
NBS is online service for organization accounting and analysis for small trade enterprises. Service is provided based on SaaS model (Software as a service), client can use the service «on a cloud», via the Internet browser at any time and in any place.
NBS gives the client opportunity to use following services:
• Accounting for wholesales and electronic commerce
• Accounting for retail
• Accounting for purchases and warehouse management
• Accounting for cash operations and money transfers
• Accounting for clients and suppliers (CRM)
• Automation for retail outlets
• Analytical reports formation
Service can exchange data with the accounting systems used by client (e.g. «1С»), can be integrated with necessary equipment (the scanner of bar codes, thermal printers, fiscal registrars, other), can print all necessary accounting and other documents. Service is developed based on principle «Just connect and use». User interface of service is the most convenient and laconic.
Service is accompanied by free technical support 24/7.
Service is provided to the client on a paid basis - the fixed monthly payments, established based on number of users and used functional.

There is the same product on the market, but the technology has higher quality basic specifications
The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Advantages of NBS as complex "cloud" decision compare to existing standard "box" decisions:
• Economy of capital expenditure for purchase and installation of expensive equipment: servers, systems of cooling, security systems. All data are stored in "cloud" - on servers of the NBS company supplier.
• Economy of time, required for installation, introduction and equipment control. Installation of NBS is carried out within 1-2 days, unlike the expensive equipment of servers which introduction takes not less than 2 weeks.
• Economy on purchase of the expensive license software.
• Economy on implementation and further support of the equipment, an exception of serious expenses for debugging and replacement of the out-of-date equipment.
• Simple and user friendly NBS interface will not require additional training for employees.

Solved problems
Development of the software market for small business is limited because of following:
MSB is lack of resources:
• Financial:
o For purchasing of computer equipment and software necessary for implementation of the "box" software. Instead, NBS offers the small fixed monthly payments.
o For hiring specialists for implementation, fixing and technical support for “box” software. Instead, NBS offers the online support 24/7 which cost of services is included in monthly payments.
• Time:
o For purchase, fixing, testing and implementation of the “box” software. NBS offers service by a principle «Just connected and use».
o For training employees on how to use software. NBS offers service, available for using right after connection to it. Also period of free connection to full-function service during which client can test service and ask questions to service technical support.
Small business is concerned about safety of data which are placed in the personal computer or are stored in paper documents. NBS offers storage of all data on servers which are located in professionally equipped data-center.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

Sustainable growth
The software market for accounting of trading and warehouse operations for small and medium business in Ukraine is in a stable condition and is limited by resource possibilities and readiness of small businesses to buy the "box" software decisions, which are developed, mostly, for medium and big corporate business. The market of "cloud" technologies, including for small business, is in a stage of formation and growth, caused by increasing of availability and reliability of internet solutions, mobile devices and active development of Internet-shops and electronic payments. According to State Committee on Statistics of Ukraine as of 01.07.2014 there are 106 633 small enterprises in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade are registered. The market of "cloud" technologies in the sphere of the accounting of trading and warehouse operations can be estimated as USD 5 000 000/annually.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Moderate (there are similar technologies)
Direct competitors are the Russian companies offering online services for accounting and management of trade and warehouse on Ukrainian market. Demand from domestic users on Russian software is limited because of safety issues and reliability of providing service by the supplier from other state. Competitors among Ukrainian companies are those, which rendering services in development of individual decisions for the enterprises for automation of accounting and business processes, including, offering "cloud" decisions for Internet-shops. There are no direct competitors offering online decisions, similar to NBS, among Ukrainian companies. After a introducing NBS to the market, creation of products of a similar orientation by Ukrainian companies is possible within 10-12 months.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Project Risks:
Political: introduction of the martial law, impossibility of implementation of the project because of involvement of project team in military operations (mobilization). Measures to be taken: delegation of functions/tasks on software development to outsourcing companies.
Economic: decrease of purchasing capability of potential clients caused by changes in economic and political environment for small business. Measures to be taken: extension of term of free using of NBS, changes in tariff plans.
Behavior of the consumer: preservation of skepticism of small business on online software. Measures to be taken: carrying out actions for promoting software directly in places of a congestion of businessmen (in the markets), granting possibility of free testing/using by service during the certain period of time