Creation of the module aggregator, which is capable to carry out the comparative analysis of the best options of use of power sources for consumers of energy resources based on technical and financial data

Technology description
Introduction of the commercial and social project which on the basis of the developed module aggregator including all necessary technical and financial aspects is capable to carry out the comparative analysis of existing sources of obtaining energy for various groups of consumers (private houses, apartment houses, objects of commercial infrastructure).
Module usage and additional carrying out complex power audit of object allows choosing the most optimum option for energy sources usage (alternative or traditional) for analyzed object that gives the chance to make object energetically independent.

The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
There is an opportunity for practical implementation
Implemented technology makes the additional cost for the product
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
The module is essentially new offer in the market.
This module will be used in the commercial project («Personal Energy Space») and this technology will have applied practical character. Introduction and use of this module will allow to popularise and promote power audit services actively. The module will attract customers who want to receive competent information in the sphere of energy saving, power autonomies and uses of alternative power sources. Monetization of the project at an initial stage will be achieved by selling power audit services to customers of this module, and in the subsequent will assume sale of services in installation, operation and repair of the power equipment.
Project will be able to generate a predicted cash flow using the module.

Solved problems
Today private consumers of energy receive an energy resource (gas, electricity, heat) by traditional channels. However today, these channels even more often become unfairly expensive and scarce. Customers, against the current economic and social realities, within a constant trend of a rise in prices for energy resources, require the replacement of traditional sources of obtaining energy on the new ones. Besides, the current situation with supply of natural gas to Ukraine, can cause also considerable deficiency of an energy resource, as well as rising prices for them.
The private consumer owns public information concerning existence of alternative sources of obtaining energy, concerning possibilities of optimisation of expenses for acquisition of energy resources, ways of economy and rational use of energy resources. However such information is separate, has no accurate ordering. Thus, actually private consumer is compelled to look for answers to all necessary questions independently.
Knowledge in the sphere of energy consumption and saving has highly specialized technical character and for unprepared customer to solve the problem of choosing the most effective ways of energy saving is difficult to realize.
Demand from private consumer for the qualified services on power efficiency, power autonomy, optimisation of expenses for energy acquisition, and also use of alternative power sources will be stably growing, and at present is not satisfied properly.
Advantage of the module is in uniting various financial and technical information in one service, answering all questions, related to getting and using energy resources (stability of the deliveries, the predicted price, efficiency of use, other aspects). Such decision will allow creating a stable, predicted at cost and independent in essence power system for private customer.

Stage of Development
Conceptual stage (idea)

The energy audit market and the market of energy saving technologies in Ukraine are at a stage of active development. The market cycle of implementation of energy audit includes consultations, carrying out directly energy audit with granting accurate conclusions, and also installation equipment/service. Such works will be provided with necessary permissions and licenses: permission of the State Monitoring Committee on works with high level of danger, the license of Ministry of Regional development of Ukraine for performance of licensed works on construction. For today projects which allow to create in the subsequent the relevant service at the enterprises, including - personnel training (trainings, seminars etc.) are highly demanded. Energy audit is not licensed.
Market average cost of energy audit of buildings:

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Situational competitors on that market are regional and oblast power and heating generation companies. These companies occupy a monopoly position in the market of deliveries of a power resource by traditional sources of their transfer. However because of deficiency of a power resource and an unequivocal tendency of growth of their price, the market of alternative power is formed.
Formation of this market is caused by aspiration of consumers to hedge risks of deficiency of energy resources and a potential rise in prices for energy resources.
Market of alternative energy is at a stage of its active formation and also has today the following structure:
1. The companies, which engaged in sale and installation of the power equipment, which generation is made from alternative energy sources, their share in a power market is not essential.
2. The companies, which provided complex power audit for the enterprises of commercial and production sector. It is highly specialised service and a share of the market of these subjects in a common market of similar services difficult to establish.
Considering novelty of business idea it is possible to argue that potential competitors do not provide today similar service. Thus competitors can copy this idea.
For hedging of this risk it will be necessary to undertake the following actions:
1. Initially to position the project, as the business, rendering high-quality, intellectual, technological service by means of the module aggregator.
2. To build long-term communications with clients, by service of installation, operation and the subsequent repair for consumers to whom this service is already sold (thus the project will have a constant number of consumers).
3. To carry out within the project the additional work connected with promotion of ideas of power autonomy and cultural development of power consumption (within such work the project should act as socially active element, identified itself as a source of this knowledge that will allow to create recognition of the project as a whole for the long period of time).

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The political.
There is a risk of liberalisation of relationship with traditional suppliers of natural gas, and as a result lobbying of deliveries of energy by traditional channels.
Thus, anyway, even in case of similar liberalisation the price of energy resources most likely will not be corrected towards considerable reduction. Thus, in any case cost will remain stably high or grow and in this regard consumers will have stable interest to alternative energy sources as options of energy independence, and as a result to use the module aggregator and to receive other services of the project.
Factor of levelling of similar risks is that the current integration of Ukraine into the EU means that the country will implement European principles of development of a energy market. Thus, the tendency of increase in a share of use of alternative energy sources, principles of energy efficiency and energy autonomy will remain in long-term prospect.
The macroeconomic.
There is a risk of expansion and energy market monopolisation from the energy generation companies and as a result of complexity at possible expansion of a share of use of alternative energy sources.
At this stage, at the state level it is planned to give legislative and financial support to the development of the sphere of alternative energy. It is obvious that the existing questions connected with supply of natural gas, and also the questions arising in the field of nuclear energy, cannot be unequivocally solved soon. In this regard the question of development of alternative energy will have actual character. Respectively all projects directed on rotation of traditional sources of delivery of energy, related to energy effectivenessand energy autonomy will have predicted long-term prospects.
The technological.
There is a risk of complexity of application of alternative energy sources because of their ambiguous efficiency.
The project is not adhered to any concrete source of generation of alternative energy. Carrying out the analysis of optimum options of use of alternative energy sources, the project is urged to find decisions in a question of energy independence, using any most modern, acceptable, pertinent, effective options.
Behaviour of the consumer and situation in the market.
Risk of a conclusion of the project and service on the market, existence of solvent demand. Readiness of users to consume this service (psychological, financial).
Today demand for this type of service is actively formed. Subjects of the market rendering the structured service of similar character it is not established.
Taking into account current trends in the market of energy services, the probability of increase in demand for service is great. In fact it is possible to say that the psychological requirement, in such service, is created. It is necessary to systematise only this requirement and to offer a competent technical solution. The main question in this regard is not demand existence as that, and existence of solvent demand. In this regard the subsequent stages of development of the project will assume finding of decisions providing sale, use and operation of the energy equipment on the terms of long-term rent.
The project will bear also in itself the social function directed on cultural development of energy consumption, introduction of philosophy of use of ecologically focused sources of obtaining energy, development of national idea of energy independence.