Water-flowing electrochloroflotocoagulator WFECFC-1

Water-flowing electrochloroflotocoagulator WFECFC-1
Technology description
An innovative design of a flow electrochloroflotocoagulator is introduced and patent applied. Two patents (№ 89510 (25.04.2014), 89767 (4/25/14)) have been received on device of water purification with volumetric electrodes by portions.
I suggest to use this device as one of the stages of water treatment before membrane cleaning water from organic pollutants that will prolong the life of membrane filters, as well as wastewater treatment.
Water-flowing electrochloroflotocoagulator WFECFC-1 works as follows: trough the tube (1) Contaminated water is pumped into the first section (11). After filling the first section, the inner movable part of the device (8) is rotated around its axis so that the first section takes the place of the second section (12). In the second section of the contaminated water is purified by electrochloroflotocoagulation. During the cleaning process, over a second section, a device for removing foam (10) removes pollutants foam and it is discharged into a funnel to remove the foams of pollutants (3). Upon completion of the cleaning process in the second section, the precipitated pollutants is discharged through the damper to remove precipitated pollutants (5) through the pipe (6). Then the second section purifies water. Purified water is discharged through a pipe (4). Simultaneously with the cleaning process in the second section, the first section is filled with contaminated water. After that, the movable part of the device rotates in such a way that the first section takes the place of the second section, the second - takes the place of the third, and the third - the place of the first. And the cleaning cycle is repeated.

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the world
There is an opportunity for practical implementation

Solved problems
Currently, enterprises of membrane water treatment, face the problem of organic contamination of membranes. This shortens the life of expensive membrane filters. The proposed device allows me to clear water from organics without adding additional reagents flow method that will allow to get water ready for the further purification by membrane filters. This will significantly reduce the cost of the final product - the purified water.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

Sustainable growth
The annual volume of the world market is estimated by experts (research MUCTR. Mendeleev) 100 billion. USD and includes
• Reagents resin;
• The membrane and membrane elements;
• Complete water treatment plants:
(filtration, ion exchange, membrane and thermal technology);
• Biological treatment;
• Dosing and monitoring;
• Service (including mobile units);
• Engineering, design;
• BOO (Built, Own, Operate).
Ukrainian market of goods and services water treatment at the point of consumption includes domestic, commercial and industrial segments. The total volume of the market in Ukraine today is estimated at $ 80 million with the prospect of growth of 30-40% per year.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Moderate (there are similar technologies)
NGO "Ekosoft" - household and industrial applications;
PE "Potential-4" - project development and implementation of local facilities for treatment of waste water generated in a variety of industries;
Ltd. "Promtehvod" - design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of disinfection and wastewater treatment;
SPE "Alpha Stevia" (Obukhov) - manufacture of instruments and equipment for cleaning, recycling toxic water;
"Jurby-Voter" (Khotov) - industrial water treatment technologies;
Ltd. "Kharkov Electrical Company" - equipment cleaning and decontamination of drinking water, sewage and mine waters;
"Energotekh" - wastewater treatment, waste treatment electroplating and other industries;
Ltd. "Hydroecology" - industrial machinery and equipment for water treatment (softening, iron removal, disinfection, distillation).

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Economic risks: the greatest risk associated with the achievement of the planned volume of profits. The complexity of more profitable projects is usually higher than small, which increases the risk of their implementation.
External economic risk. It may arise in the process of interaction with foreign business partners and be caused by internal factors in life: the stop of production, a sharp rise or fall in prices due to changes in the cost of production, etc.
Risk of changes in market conditions. It has a two-way communication. On the one hand, it is - part of the enterprise in the formation of market conditions, prices, and on the other - the relationship of the enterprise with suppliers of equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products buyers.
Natural and climatic risk. It becomes an internal through the production technology (its requirements) or the results of production associated with the need for financial compensation for damage caused to the environment.
Information risk. It appears at the wrong organization of information flows within the company, incorrect information, as received by the company and published beyond the fault of the staff. Here it is necessary to carry the disclosure of information of particular importance or threaten the economic security of the firm.
Scientific and technical risk. With regard to innovation as the company itself, and the acquisition of patents and licenses, new techniques and technologies.
Legal and regulatory risk. It is an internal part of orders, decisions, regulations, orders issued by the organization.
Water-flowing electrochloroflotocoagulator WFECFC-1