System for forecasting epileptic seizures

Technology description
The system is designed to record electrical activity of the human brain in everyday life with its subsequent mathematical analysis. The purpose is to alert user of an impending epileptic seizure.
The system consists of a smartphone and a electroencephalogram (EEG) signal recording unit.
Software will implement the developed methodology of EEG analysis, which now allows to detect epileptiform complexes in electroencephalogram in the presence of noise and distortion, and in future will identify precursors of epileptic seizures. Basic idea is to use methods of pattern recognition methods of nonlinear dynamics and adaptive wavelet transform that can increase the sensitivity and specificity of the proposed method.

The technology is absolutely new proposal on the market
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
Nowadays portable smartphone-based systems to predict seizures using analysis of brain electrical activity, are absent in the world.
A technique that will underpin methodology of system performance, is now characterized by the following indicators: correct definition of epileptiform complexes in the human EEG signal - 92%, which exceeds the analogs.
To develop new methods to predict epileptic seizures we plan to use previously obtained results on the analysis of EEG based on mutual information, spectral and permutation entropy, and other methods for studying nonlinear dynamics of complex systems.
Distinctive feature of proposed epileptic seizures forecasting system is the opportunity to work with a single electroencephalogram channel, which facilitates signal recording and simplifies system application.

Solved problems
About 3% of the population suffer, suffered or will experience epileptic seizures in their life. Approximately 30% of epilepsy cases are not amenable to medical or surgical treatment, therefore patients should be able to predict seizure to take all necessary actions in order to protect themselves and others.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tested

Approximately 1% of population has uncontrolled seizures (about 7 million). If 1% of patients will buy this device (700 thousand people) for $ 300 over the next 5 years, there will be 21 million USD earned. The market is stable, since the number of patients in population is constant.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Direct competitors producing seizures forecasting system based on smartphone, are absent. Potential competitors are research groups that are engaged in same developments.
To copy the product is difficult as its features and know-hows lie in mathematical methods of signal analysis of the electroencephalogram.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
1. Competitors will develop similar system
2. Consumers will not be aware of the development - advertising through specialized medical publications, through physicians, participation in conferences.
3. Lack of clinical trials
4. The need for certification as a medical device