Technology description
The range of new devices for nanostructure recepience by discharge method is offered by the author (inventor). The engineering solution enables to increase their efficiency. It is also observed the principles of the device functioning and design features of each device which allowed us to get following advantages:
- usage of inserts;
- reduction of cycles of electrode shift;
- vibrator usage for additional refining of metal nanoparticles for account of their erosion in the cavitation areas;
- providing of additional displacement of metallic granules for activation of their electrolytic erosion.

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the country
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
Nanotechnology is considered to be a key topic for the development of technologies of XXI century. The application of nanotechnology production will enable to save the usage of raw materials and energy consumption, to reduce air emissions and as a result it will contribute to the constant economy development.

Solved problems
Striving for the development of new materials which are characterized by necessary qualities during the recent decades has led to the rapid increase of scientific, industrial and commercial interest aimed at the nanosubstancies. As a result it has become urgent to develop and to study the regularity of ultradispersed materials of different types. That is why it is necessary to develop new devices for synthesis of these materials while providing their operational reliability and their working efficiency.

Stage of Development
Conceptual stage (idea)

It is expected the world nanotechnology market in the nearest 10 years to exceed the electronics market 20 percent and to surpass the medical market twofold. The analysts consider that the nanotechnology market will increase 40 percent. In the following 2-3 years an active distribution of nanotechnology market is predicted. At the same time the increase of nanotechnology usage will be proceeded in three stages: on the first stage the production of high-tech products will dominate; on the second stage the usage of nanotechnologies in the microprocessing technology and electronics will dominate; on the third stage the usage of nanotechnologies in the production of wide range of goods will dominate, especially in practical public health sphere.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Taking into consideration the world tendencies of competition on the nanotechnology market, one can state that these devices will become essential equipment in the work of research institutes and laboratories of educational institutions. The patenting of the devices is not expected in the countries abroad. Rivne Minor academy of sciences of schoolage youth is carrying out further improvement of the devices and their intellectual property protection in Ukraine.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
Project risks: the departmental apartness of research institutions, organizations and industrial production in Ukraine; low level of investments in the development and application of scientific production; insufficient development of appropriate infrastructure and financing. The absence of budget financing. The decrement of education and science in the state. The removal of project developers to another country. The turbulent events in the East of the country.
Anti risk measures: to adduce proofs to the official bodies of the importance and significance of nanotechnologies. The search of local and foreign grants aimed at support and development of nanotechnologies in Ukraine. The cooperation with Ukrainian leading scientific organization. The popularization of nanotechnologies amongst the youth.