Technology description
95% of all information about the world we get through the vision. In the world there are more than 182,9 million children in the group of 3-14 years, who has a strabismus. Strabismus is less studied, than hyperopia and myopia. The timely correction of defects of vision as early as in childhood is very important for their further full life.
A project is to create complex for the treatment of strabismus among the children at home: computer game-program and layout of special glasses that are used during the game.

The proposed technology cheaper, easier, smaller and more convenient in usage
new in the world
Implementation of technology is economically reasonable
Now there are the ways of strabismus treatment:
1) Method "lazy eye" is in the absence of coordinating the work of the eye muscles
2) Wearing special glasses for 6-8 months with different eyes ability to focus.
3) Operating correction.
4) Computer programs that are used in hospitals and special kindergartens.
Not all parents have the means and time to treat their children.
Complex have offered by us can be used at home (on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist). No need to spend too much time on regular visits to clinics. Tasks more interesting and logical, so the treatment of children is easier.

Solved problems
In Ukraine there are 1.2 million people who have strabismus including 200,000 children. The timely correction of defects of vision as early as in childhood is very important for their further full life. Operations are expensive. In Ukraine clinics and specialized kindergartens do not have enough equipment for training visual muscles. Training computer programs are not interested in children.

Stage of Development
Prototype with favorable lab results and available for demonstration

Market exists. If we estimate the complex $ 20 and a possible users in Ukraine more than 200 000 children with strabismus, the profit will be $ 4 million.

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Currently, computer programs and tinted glasses (not colored like ours) are used in hospitals and specialty gardens.
At home recovery and vision correction has neither in Ukraine or abroad. Also new is the process of our proposed vision correction with glasses and gaming software.
ybutok be 4 000 000 $.

Risks of the project and anti-risk activities
The risk is virtually nonexistent, as the number of children suffering from strabismus is growing every year, and most families do not have the ability to make transactions (often these operations make repeated several times) to get rid of the visually impaired.
Furthermore it is assumed that the complex can be used for training visual muscles as adjunctive treatment for patients with other types of visual impairment.