Transfer Vehicle (TV)

Technology description
AIT is designed for orbital operations to prolong the active life of satellites, increase their profitability through effective program separate working fluid. AIT provides translation services to a graveyard orbit satellites, hold at the point of standing, in the case of non-precision final ascent launch a satellite.
In the future, the AIT can operate in lunar orbit, to perform operations on the movement of goods, service the orbital station.

This technology creates a new group of consumers
Implementation of the technology is economically feasible
Currently, negotiations are underway with satellite operators to arrange for the provision of transport services interorbital on a scheduled basis.

Solved problems
Problems associated with inaccurate breeding satellites into orbit, moving in operational orbit in connection with a change of the point of standing, mandatory removal to a disposal orbit require additional expense of the working body of the satellite and significantly reduce its cost-effectiveness.

Stage of Development
Laboratory tests are held

Growing market

Competitors, substitute goods, entry barriers
Competing companies:
ViViSat (USA)
OOS corp. (Europe)
MDA (Canada)