Commercialization reactor and business-angel Nikolay Adamovich

On 26 July, 2012 in the UNTC’s conference hall a meeting between Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnica” and business-angel – ideological mastermind of Commercialization Reactor project, director of Virtual CEO Company, Nikolay Adamovich was held.

During the meeting M.Adamivich informed everyone that main idea of the project - use Latvian scientists' potential to promote new technologies in Europe, developed by scientist from CIS. Goals of that called “reactors” – bring together businessmen and authors of inventions. This cooperation should result in joint ventures.
As Mykola Adamovich told, help sides to find each other – this is just half of the job. You also should solve financial questions. Mykola Adamovich, business-angel himself, said that sometimes he give small sums (up to 10 000 euro) on promotion of just created pairs “scientists + businessmen”. Main requirements – businessmen should be “adequate”, had clear marketing strategy, had qualified team of experts and finally and he’s own available founds.