Free training for participants of «Sikorsky Challenge 2013″, “Preparation of innovative projects. Attracting potential investors"!

Dear participants of the «Sikorsky Challenge 2013" competition!

We invite you to take the free training «Preparing for innovative projects. Attraction of potential investors», for participants1 of the competition which will be held on August 22-23, 2013 in NTUU "KPI".

This training is designed to prepare an effective presentation to potential investors about complex, high-tech projects, technological innovations and innovative business ideas.

On training you will teach how to present your innovative project from the point of view of the investor and his interests. During training, you will learn to understand the features of the investment process, methodology of implementation of innovations, technology in any business activities on the basis of the design approach, to identify the stakeholders of the project and get the skills to successfully work with them.

As a result of training participants will:

- find out what is the “project concept”, its structure;

- learn to properly develop the concept of an innovation project;

- learn about the development of investment instruments and the requirements for them.

- form practical skills to create effective and visual presentation materials that contain complex engineering calculations and other difficult to grasp information.

- prepare a presentation of the project in accordance with the evaluation criteria of the international expert jury of All-Ukrainian festival of innovation projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2013".

Trainer Lyushenko L.A.

Training type full-time Training - 2 days from 9-00 to 17-30.

Place NTU "KPI", Prospect Pobedy, 37, block 1, “Enrgokrylo”, of.40, aud.4.

Training coordinator: Tatiana Kresan

Phone. (+38 044) 4068107


1 Take part in the training can only authors of projects (up to 2 members from the team), who submitted their projects to participate in the festival «Sikorsky Challenge 2013" before 08/20/2013.