Horizontal-axis wind generator with variable diameter rotor

Energy and Energy Efficiency

The essence of the project is to regulate the mode of horizontal wind turbine is within a certain energy range that is determined only runner diameter, and the same energy range. The main purpose of a regulatory scheme is to increase the diameter of the rotor starting torque at low wind speeds (up to a certain threshold wind speed maximum diameter) and increase agility (after the second threshold minimum rotor diameter). Maximum diameter of the rotor is larger than the standard value of the diameter of the rotor turbine with the same power (2.5 kW), minimal - less than the standard value.

This innovation can increase the capacity of wind turbines by 38% and torque by 63% at the initial speed range (theoretically). At intermediate values of wind speed and other parameters of power turbine at normal counterparts. With further increase in wind speed rotor diameter minimum, reducing aerodynamic resistance forces (this feature requires a more complex calculation by taking into account the aerodynamic forces).

Problem solved
The need for such innovation stems from the current shortcomings of horizontal turbines: the instability of the production of electricity at low wind speeds, frequent downtime at low wind speeds (small, low wind speeds are speeds from 0 to 5 m / s). That is the purpose of innovation is to provide maximum power production and improved starting characteristics at low wind speeds.

Development status
Concept or theoretical stage, not yet proven

Potential customers, markets
Potential customers are private electricity consumers in areas remote from power lines, and those who increase the energy autonomy.