Laser Antiterrorist Security System

Лазерна антитерористична охоронна система
Information and Communication Technology

The project aims to develop a new generation of compact civilian laser security systems to automatically detect the sniper location and the hidden video surveillance through the tinted car or office windows to take appropriate anti-terrorist (anti-paparazzi) countermeasures. Rapid detection of hidden surveillance of the object or the people's private life prevents terrorist acts at the stage of its preparation. Laser antiterrorist security system is an assembly of compact optoelectronic and laser units, and also high resolution CCD camera that are placed on a two-axis rotating platform. Such a system can be mounted on a tripod or office windows, and also mobile or airborne platforms. All information is transmitted by wireless to a remote computer, and then through the Internet to any part of the world.

• Use of multi-frequency laser illuminator
• New multi-spectral optic detection algorithms
• Fully automatic process for detection and recognition of optical surveillance devices
• Low level of false detection due to multi-criteria approach
• High-speed performance through structural optimization of the detection algorithms
• Operation without operator and transfer data through wireless communication
• Minimum weight and dimensions

Solved problem
Problem is the inability of existing security systems to detect the terrorist sniper threats and remote unauthorized surveillance. Most modern anti-sniper systems are designed for military application and are not adapted to protect people's private life and business activity.

Development status
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers
Potential Customers are: Business companies, Commercial structures, Security agencies, Industrial enterprises, Individual persons, Anti-terrorist divisions, Authorities, Power departments, Special services.
Applications are: Protection of important objects, private cottages and offices of business companies; Safety VIP persons; Organization of anti-terrorist activity; Security of special zones and territories; remote monitoring of sniper threats via the Internet

Alternative range of application
The system can be used as multi-source information about their surroundings while equipping it with various additional sensors.