Development of a framework and a set of methods to increase the wear resistance and service life rail, tooling and machine elements of medium and high carbon steels

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Mechanical engineering

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The technologies and systems technologies of the combined methods of treatment equipment and structural elements: rails (gas plasma treatment, fusing plastic and surface treatment), the cutting elements cutting dies (electric-spark alloying and plastic deformation), stamping dies (thermomechanical and ion - plasma treatment).

Description of the problem

In view of the increasing speed rail, the relative movements of the friction surfaces of equipment parts , increasing the specific load , the presence of abrasive creates a need for new methods of treatment ( hardening ) work surfaces, recovery technologies geometric dimensions of worn parts , select a mix of technologies to increase resource exploitation tooling, machinery and rail tracks and rail wheels .

The problem is complicated by the large size of structural elements , for example , worn surface of the rails reach ten meters , which complicates the quality assurance and control , and manual treatment leads to low productivity and quality. The advantage of the proposed development over others is an integrated approach , for example, first operating a rail- wits - improving wear resistance wear-resistant coatings in the future - the restoration of fusing austenitic compositions and surface plastic deformation , which will increase their resource exploitation in several times. Our experience allows creation as stationary systems hardening and surface restoration rails and mobile -based vehicles that will handle the most worn areas without dismantling the track . Integrated recovery processing friction surfaces includes their fusing , machining and plastic deformation of the running- and coating . In this regard, we develop a technology and mechanized complexes difficult to improve the wear resistance loaded friction units of machines, work items stamps, rail and wheel pairs at the operational stage and recovery methods fusing .

Stage of Development

Prototype with successful laboratory tests

The development is completed with proven results

Potential customers

Development has large volumes of introduction (ten million dollars) in Ukrzaliznytsia on the railway track in operation in Kazakhstan locomotives reyok-gostryakiv, turnout rails and curved sections.

• Today, operating costs to maintain the proper condition of railway track Ukrzaliznytsia reach 7 billion USD. per year.

• Perform all work will occur in the automatic and mechanized modes that increase productivity, product quality and reduce operating costs.