Systems of artificial climate for medicine and agriculture

Системы искусственного микроклимата для медицины и сельского хозяйства

Mechanical engineering Instrument Means of production Automobiles and parts

Innovative aspect and main advantages
Artificial microclimate, which build on the ultrasonic atomization has the following advantages: providing necessary dispersion, performance, form an aerosol plume, as well as the possibility of high-speed electronic management. Specifications - dispersion aerosol spray in a fountain in the range of 0.5-5 microns, in a thin layer - 5-30 microns performance (Q) in the range from 20 ml to 2.5 liters capacity (N) 5-200W

Problem solved
The possibility of technical developments which differ on the effectiveness of the existing by creating adaptive artificial microclimate.

Development status
Prototype with favorable lab results