Series of novel naturally hardened Al-Mg-Si casting alloy

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There is the series of new naturally hardened aluminum casting alloy. Alloys composition has been developed after careful analysis of Al-Mg-Si phase diagram, differential scanning calorimetry studies performed for heating and cooling and precipitation of sequence at temperature range 20-400C, scanning and transmission electron microscopy examinations of developed alloys.
As the result of laboratory tests composition of the new light-weight casting alloys has been established and mechanism responsible for their structure formation and strengthening are revealed.

Innovative aspect and main advantages
The innovative composition of aluminum casting alloys can force the development of fuel-efficient vehicles, especially when fuel-cell driven cars is considered. The reduced alloys density (2400 kg m-3 in contrast to 2760 kg m-3 for conventional casting alloys) affect on the total weight of the vehicles and, subsequently, on their fuel consumption. Additional advantage of the developed alloys is their natural hardening strengthening what makes heat treatment unnecessary.

Problem solved
The first and main driving force for proposed innovation is the great demand on increasing fuel efficiency of modern cars, planes and ships. Fuel efficiency of cars can be reached by weight reduction of car body, engine parts and other car parts. Thus alloys’ having reduced density is proposed for achieving mentioned parameters.

Development status
Prototype with favorable lab results

Potential customers, markets
Alloys can be used in transportation sector (automotive industry, aviation industry, etc) for continuous replacement of iron, steel and outdated aluminum alloy parts.
The primary market for casting made of developed Al-Mg-Si casting alloys is automotive industry where fuel efficiency is of high demand, especially when fuel-cell driven vehicles’ are considered.