Social oriented virtual user wardrobe - Shmobler

Социально-ориентированный электронный гардероб пользователя - Shmobler

Information and Communication Technology

Shmobler is a software system that successfully unites a social network and a service that provides advices about clothes and clothing stores to the users of the system.
The user of the system has its own virtual wardrobe, in which he can manage with clothing, registered in the system or register a new one. Shmobler provides advices of how to combine trendy clothing and gives tips about wardrobe updates, based on clothes that the user has added to his wardrobe. Also user can manage his own gallery of looks (Look – a photo, that focuses on the person’s view and style).
In additional the user can view, comment and “like” looks from galleries and clothes, registered in the system. This allows to follow the style of other users and show them your own style. Besides, the user can view the newsfeed of actions performed within the system and follow interesting fashion news.

Innovative aspect and main advantages:
The innovation combines the features of social networks, digital wardrobes and look galleries.
Shmobler advices new clothes for the user based not only on user preferences, but also on user’s physique statistics and fashion trends in the world. Other systems do not provide such advice.
The user is encouraged to use his profile in integration with already existing social network profile and it is the obvious advantage of the system. In particular, the user can register and authorize in our system with the help of Auth services provided by Vkontakte or Facebook and get his profile data to use in our system. The actions that user can perform are – adding clothes to the virtual wardrobe, create looks with photos (uploaded from social networks, photo services or a new one), create wish-lists of desired cloths and are free to use all the other advanced features provided by our service.

Problem solved:
There are plenty of people who want to improve or find new style, but there is no such service that will allow them to do this easily. No other system provide advice about clothing. People have a huge desire to share their experience, ideas and results of their choises and creations of clothing or their unique styles.

Development status:
Modeling or other abstract evaluation

Potential customers, markets:
The main users of our system are young people who are interested in fashion.
Shmobler is aimed on users from different countries.